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S.R. TURNKEY WORKS LLP is a premier interior Fit-Out turnkey contractor company, promising quality, style and beauty. Executing an ideal ambience, we deliver what you demand. A combination of functionality and aesthetics. Experienced, passionate, go getters – that is what best describes the S.R. TURNKEY WORKS LLP’ Team. To Translate the architect’s creativity into reality, to transcend sublime art into breath taking impact is our goal.

With access to a network of companies, technical experts and skilled laborers working on large and small projects, we can virtually make any interior dream a reality. Furthermore, through its expertise the S.R. TURNKEY WORKS LLP has diversified its interests in various other interior infrastructure services as well. The founders of the company come from a background of skilled contractors within the family line, and over many years have developed extensive knowledge and expertise. With almost 20 years of first-hand experience in the industry, they have founded S.R. TURNKEY WORKS LLP with combined resources, knowledge and a vast experience, which has the ability to provide high quality, efficient and professional services.

Our establishment has an end-to-end manufacturing and service ability, with factories to execute composite as well as selective assigned modes, with our specialty being civil and fixed/loose furniture works. The ultimate aesthetic results are achieved by painting and polishing. We make sure that the results of our painting and polishing are done from proper materials and conceptual artisans, where the methods are for current and progressive new material and application types.

At S.R. TURNKEY WORKS LLP, we stand on our reputation as a reliable partner in meeting our clients growing demand for exceptional interiors & services.

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we provide high quality interior design solutions tailored to your specific needs! Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand how important visual appeal is when it comes to creating a positive first impression. We focus on providing creative and effective solutions that not only look great but also help you stand out from the crowd.


Our vision is to redefine the art of interior design by creating exceptional spaces that inspire and transform lives. We envision a world where every space is a reflection of individuality, crafted with precision, and enriched with timeless beauty.

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We are committed to understanding and exceeding the expectations of our users by consistently delivering high-quality content, user-friendly interfaces, and excellent customer service.